Multiple Extractions Might Be Necessary When Preparing for a Complete Denture

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Chronic periodontal disease can gradually compromise the roots of multiple teeth in your mouth. In time, it could also cause a degradation of the healthy bone structure in your jaw. This can lead to the loss of multiple teeth and leave your existing teeth compromised.

The first step in the process often calls for extracting your remaining teeth. Some people prefer full sedation for the extraction. If so, you will need to arrange for someone to provide you with a safe ride home. Dr. Michael Shnayder might also prescribe anti-inflammatory or pain medication to help you remain comfortable as your gums fully heal.

It might take a few weeks for your gum structure to heal and adapt to the feel of your new dentures. During this time you might want to stick to a diet of softer foods. This will reduce the irritation on your healing gums while also reducing the overall load on your jaw muscles.

It might also be wise to stock up on applesauce, yogurt, rice, and soft fruits. While your gums are healing you should try to drinking beverages try not to use a straw. The suction could potentially pull blood clots from an extraction site.

It’s completely natural for your gums to occasionally bleed for the first few days. Lightly biting down on some sterile gauze can help control the bleeding. You can then clean your mouth by gently rinsing with a little lukewarm saltwater.

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