When to Get Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Just like getting braces, getting your wisdom teeth removed is almost seen as a rite of passage from being a teenager to becoming an adult. However, unlike braces, not everyone needs their wisdom teeth out. In fact, there are many instances in which you may not need to have your wisdom teeth extracted at all.

With that in mind, let’s look at some information that’ll help you determine whether you need to contact Dr. Michael Shnayder about removing your wisdom teeth.

If your wisdom teeth begin to come in correctly, you likely won’t need them removed. You can tell if they’re coming in correctly pretty easily. If they come in and don’t cause crowding or pain, then it’s likely the teeth are fine to leave in your mouth. If not, you need to see Dr. Michael Shnayder about getting them removed.

If you have severe pain, that means the teeth are likely impacted and our team here at Village Pointe Oral Surgery will have to remove them.

If your teeth come in but don’t hurt and cause minimal crowding, then the choice for removal is up to you. However, it’s better to remove them because it’ll help your oral health to have fewer cracks and crevices for cavities to grow.

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