A Dental Implant Restoration Can Fully Restore a Lost Tooth

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Losing a tooth to an untreated cavity, a severe dental fracture, or some other dental condition that required a complete extraction can certainly reduce your basic oral function. If the original tooth was located in the front of your mouth it could also alter the appearance of your smile or cause you to slur certain syllables in your speech.

Even if you adapt to these changes with your mouth, the depleted oral structure caused by the lost tooth can cause the remaining teeth in the area to gradually drift out of their correct position. As this starts to happen, it can place multiple teeth at increased risk of suffering dental fractures and chronic dental attrition on the tooth enamel.

In many of these cases, the best way to prevent this myriad of complication is to have Dr. Michael Shnayder install a dental implant into the existing void. This involves a simple oral surgery where he inserts a small titanium dental implant the underlying bone tissues.

A natural process known as osseointegration will allow the titanium material to gradually integrate with your living bone tissues. This will eventually restore the structural integrity of the tooth’s original root.

When the dental implant is ready Dr. Michael Shnayder can start the process of preparing an abutment with the structural integrity needed to anchor a dental crown. After it has been cemented in place your newly restored implant will serve you as well as the original tooth.

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