Quality vs. Low Cost

At Village Pointe Oral Surgery we strive to provide our patients with the highest quality of care. Regrettably, many patients are not aware that there is a difference in the quality of dental implants on the market.

Many patients assume that all dental implants are the same, so they seek the lowest price available. What they don’t know is that many dentists use low-quality implants and implant components to lower the cost of dental implants for their patients. There are many knock-off dental implants and cheap implants that are not well researched. Our oral surgeon uses only implant systems that have had years of scientific research and clinical studies.

Never let the cost of a dental implant be the main consideration for your implant treatment. Keep in mind that dental implants are medical devices that are being surgically placed in your body. Because of this, the knowledge and skill of your doctor and the quality of the dental implant should be your highest priority.

Sadly, at our office in Omaha, Nebraska, we often see patients who have had cheap dental implants placed. They have to have their treatment redone at a great cost to them financially, emotionally, and physically.

Dr. Michael Shnayder’s commitment to his patients and referring doctors is to provide you with the highest standards of quality for your dental implants.

The dental implant systems used in our office:


Doctor Qualifications

You may assume that any dentist is equally qualified to surgical place dental implants. While it is legal for any licensed dentist to place dental implants, not every dentist has enough training to handle complications that may arise during placement. As a surgical specialist, Dr. Michael Shnayder has had extensive training and has experience with surgical procedures and the complications of dental implants.

You may be surprised to learn that a lot of non-surgical dentists attend a shortened (1 – 3 days) training course on implant surgery. These courses are held by dental implant companies and do not help the dentists to foresee, diagnose, and treat potential complications. Even with experienced surgical specialists, complications can arise. However, they have had extensive training and experience, so they are prepared to handle these situations.

Dr. Michael Shnayder and our surgical team have your optimum safety and care in mind. Multiple general dentists and specialists are well-trained, qualified, and capable of performing your implant procedure. Please be sure to speak with your provider about their level of training and expertise.