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If you are missing a tooth and are tired of the repercussions it causes, we invite you to come visit Village Pointe Oral Surgery to determine if dental implants are the right solution to regain your full smile. During your initial consultation, our dentist will perform an oral exam most likely involving dental X-rays to gauge how much jaw structure is remaining. If the results show insufficient bone structure, you may need to undergo bone grafting before receiving a dental implant.

Typically, the procedure for a bone graft is performed as a single outpatient visit that involves sedation to ensure your full comfort. For this reason, you should have a family member or friend pick you up at the end of your appointment.

We may select the bone graft material from a sample taken from your chin or a bone tissue bank. Then, the oral surgeon makes a small incision in the gums in order to insert this material into the jaw. The bone material can fuse with your natural bone structure over time to strengthen the area.

Recovering from a bone graft should involve refraining from any tobacco use so that you don’t irritate your gums, extend your recovery, or suffer an infection. If quitting tobacco is a struggle, your primary doctor can work with you to create a cessation program.

For more information about the process of bone grafting in Omaha, Nebraska, and whether it will help you on your journey to receiving dental implants, contact Village Pointe Oral Surgery at 402-317-5657 today to meet with Dr. Michael Shnayder.