Important Information to Help You Recover After a Tooth Extraction

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Tooth extraction is an invasive course of treatment designed to remove a problematic tooth. The quality of your preparation before extraction and attentive aftercare will go a long way toward minimizing your chances of having complications while your gums heal. To that end, your oral surgeon, Dr. Michael Shnayder, offers these key insights for a speedy recovery after tooth extraction.

It’s natural for there to be a little blood weeping from the sutured gums. You can control the bleeding by biting down lightly on a rolled-up piece of sterile gauze. Once the bleeding stops, you can lightly rinse away any stray blood from your mouth with lukewarm saltwater.

It’s best to try to avoid eating hard foods on that side of your mouth. Accidentally biting down on a piece of food directly onto the healing gums could open the sutures. At the same time, you should avoid drinking beverages with a straw. The increased suction could accidentally pull blood clots loose or cause a dry socket.

Tobacco use is especially troublesome for healing gums. Tar, nicotine and other chemicals in tobacco irritate gum tissues. This increases recovery time and greatly increases your chances of developing an infection.

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