Keep in Mind These Tips While Recovering From Oral Surgery

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If you are facing an oral surgery in your future, then we have exciting tips and news for you! There are things you can do on your own to help yourself during the recovery process and to help you along the way, our team is always here to answer your questions.

Our dentist, Dr. Michael Shnayder with Village Pointe Oral Surgery in Omaha, Nebraska, is a skilled oral surgeon and happy to help you with your oral surgical needs. To help you with the recovery, our team has provided you with tips to keep in mind while you are at home after surgery.

Here are some tips to help during the recovery process:

  • Remember your doctor’s detailed instructions explicitly given to you for the recovery process. The guidelines your doctor will provide you with will help you along with the healing process.
  • Stop all tobacco use during recovery. Understand, tobacco irritates the gums and can slow down the healing process for you.
  • Get plenty of rest. Sleep is your body’s way of healing naturally. While you sleep, your body is hard at work trying to recover, so by allowing your body rest, you are helping yourself recover faster. Also keep in mind any advice your doctor gave you about sleeping at an angle, which is essential to remember. Some surgeries require you to rest at an angle until you are recovered completely.
  • Discuss the best food and drink decisions with your doctor for after surgery. Some foods, hot or cold cause different conditions for the state of your teeth and gums. That is why this information is significant to know when it comes to your recovery.
  • Attend all aftercare appointments with your doctor to check if you are healing correctly. The meetings will help you correct infections or any complications after surgery.

Always remember to listen to everything your doctor advises for you. If you have additional questions or concerns, then please call us today at 402-317-5657 to make an appointment. Our team of experts are proud to help you through your surgery and recovery process.