Oral Health for the New Age: Jaw and Facial Pain

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Jaw and facial pain may be more common than you think. If you routinely suffer from jaw and facial pain, even after you receive various treatments, you could be suffering from a chronic condition that is linked to an underlying issue with your overall physical health.

Typically, if you feel any pain in your head, neck, or face area, it is a good indication that something is amiss. Listed below, we have provided a checklist of possible causes of your jaw and facial pain as well as treatments you can use to correct it:

Possible causes of jaw and facial pain

  • sinus problems
  • toothaches
  • bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • periodontal disease (gum disease)
  • TMJ disorder
  • arthritis
  • oral accidents and injuries

Treatment plans for individuals with jaw and facial pain

  • mouth protectors
  • medications in the form of anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics
  • muscle relaxers
  • tooth extractions
  • root canal therapy
  • various periodontal treatments
  • jaw exercises
  • meditative therapy

If you would like to book an exam with our dentist to determine the cause of your jaw and facial pain, and to discuss possible treatments, we invite you to contact Village Pointe Oral Surgery at 402-317-5657. Dr. Michael Shnayder and the rest of our team are happy to help you get the care you need at our oral surgery practice in Omaha, Nebraska.