Keep in Mind These Tips While Recovering From Oral Surgery

If you are facing an oral surgery in your future, then we have exciting tips and news for you! There are things you can do on your own to help yourself during the recovery process and to help you along the way, our team is always here to answer your questions. Our , Dr. with… Read more »

Surgical Extraction for Impacted Wisdom Teeth

The average adolescent has four large molars lingering under the gumline at the back of their mouth. As they age these “wisdom” teeth will gradually attempt to emerge in your son or daughter’s mouth. This can cause pressure, discomfort and a related ache in muscles that surround their temporomandibular joints. If your child is experiencing… Read more »

A Successful Dental Implant Procedure May Require a Bone Graft

If you are missing a tooth and are tired of the repercussions it causes, we invite you to come visit to determine if dental implants are the right solution to regain your full smile. During your initial consultation, our will perform an oral exam most likely involving dental X-rays to gauge how much jaw structure… Read more »

Dental Cysts Are Sometimes Benign

A dental condition can sometimes distress the surrounding periodontal tissues. Occasionally, this can be the result of a slowly emerging tooth or a dental health issue near the gumline. As a result, the periodontal irritation can cause a trapped pocket of fluid to build up in the nearby gum tissues. Early symptoms of a developing… Read more »

Understanding Wisdom Teeth

If you are wondering what a wisdom tooth is, we can give you an explanation. Wisdom teeth are the molars towards the back of the jaw and are usually the last to come in. Sometimes they grow in incorrectly, which may cause problems which can often be alleviated by their removal. Wisdom teeth are the… Read more »

Tobacco Use Could Lead to Periodontal Infection After Oral Surgery

There are several different forms of oral surgery offered at Village Pointe Oral Surgery’s clinic in Omaha, Nebraska. This could include tooth extractions, wisdom tooth removal, dental implant restoration, and gum surgery related to the treatment of severe periodontal disease. All of these oral surgical treatments involve adapting the gum tissues to some degree. Specific… Read more »

A History of Wisdom Teeth

What are you aware of concerning the history of wisdom teeth? Have they ever had a purpose? When did we first begin using them? Find out the answers to these questions and additional ones by reading this post we’ve prepared about the history of wisdom teeth. If you have any extra queries about wisdom teeth,… Read more »

A Dental Implant Restoration Can Fully Restore a Lost Tooth

Losing a tooth to an untreated cavity, a severe dental fracture, or some other dental condition that required a complete extraction can certainly reduce your basic oral function. If the original tooth was located in the front of your mouth it could also alter the appearance of your smile or cause you to slur certain… Read more »

Multiple Extractions Might Be Necessary When Preparing for a Complete Denture

Chronic periodontal disease can gradually compromise the roots of multiple teeth in your mouth. In time, it could also cause a degradation of the healthy bone structure in your jaw. This can lead to the loss of multiple teeth and leave your existing teeth compromised. The first step in the process often calls for extracting… Read more »

Getting a Tooth Pulled? Watch Out for These Potential Problems After Treatment

If you’re getting a tooth pulled, you’re on your way toward a top-notch oral health and smile. Oftentimes this treatment is the last option when it comes to restoring a tooth. It can be very beneficial for you and your smile. However, just like other treatments, you could experience complications and issues after your appointment…. Read more »