Post-Op Care Tips for Wisdom Teeth

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Wisdom tooth removal is an uncomfortable, but often necessary, procedure for many people. If you don’t have your wisdom teeth removed, it can lead to serious problems such as overcrowding in your mouth, impacted teeth (which are painful) and it can throw all the rest of your teeth out of line.

After the surgery, however, you’re at risk for some other complications if you don’t properly care for your mouth.

Let’s look at some post-op tips you need to use after having your wisdom teeth removed.

Be careful

Whether you need 1, 2, or 4 wisdom teeth extracted, you need to treat the extraction site with care and sensitivity. Vigorous cleaning and rinsing will actually harm the area and increase the likelihood of you contracting dry socket.

Rinse with saltwater

You should use saltwater 2-3 times a day, right after eating, in order to decrease the likelihood of infection. By doing this you’ll ensure that any food particles stuck in the sockets where your wisdom teeth used to sit are dissolved.

Take it easy

One mistake many people make after wisdom tooth removal is doing too much afterwards. Exercise should be completely avoided for at least 3-4 days, or else it can cause more swelling and bleeding from where your teeth were removed.

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