Regain a Smile with Implants

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If you’ve ever suffered damage to your smile, you know what kind of despondent world it sends you into. The desire to be a part of social activity wanes and colors don’t seem as bright. Sounds are dull, and food doesn’t taste as good.

Alright, we’re being a bit dramatic. But the point still stands that a smile is key to feeling great about yourself. And if you’ve had your smile damaged, we have just the solution for you – dental implants.

Healthy gums
One of the key things that Dr. Michael Shnayder looks for when you come in for an implant consultation at Village Pointe Oral Surgery in Omaha, Nebraska is your gum health. Often, when teeth are lost in adulthood, it’s due to poor oral health. Usually, bad gum health accompanies that.

Your gums have to be healthy enough to support an implant. The titanium post that’s inserted into your gums requires nearly the same support that the root of a real tooth would. If you don’t have the gum health to support them, it’s likely implants aren’t right for you.

Level of tooth decay or loss
If you’re experiencing tooth decay, you may not need implants. If the decay can be stopped with fillings and a rigorous oral health routine, then a crown may be all that you need to regain control of your oral health. You don’t want to use an implant if you can keep your real tooth in your mouth.

However, if you have complete loss of a tooth, implants are likely your best bet for getting your smile back.

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