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The average adolescent has four large molars lingering under the gumline at the back of their mouth. As they age these “wisdom” teeth will gradually attempt to emerge in your son or daughter’s mouth. This can cause pressure, discomfort and a related ache in muscles that surround their temporomandibular joints.

If your child is experiencing discomfort from their wisdom teeth, it’s time to schedule an examination by our dentist, Dr. Michael Shnayder. The wisdom teeth could erupt at odd angles or become trapped deep in the gums. Without professional intervention, an impacted wisdom tooth could eventually compromise the roots of the molars. In some of these cases, Dr. Michael Shnayder and his staff will need to surgically extract the wisdom teeth. Our dentist may provide your child with a prescription for an anti-inflammatory or for pain. Any medication should be taken as directed by the doctor.
You will be provided with any other recovery information by Dr. Michael Shnayder and his staff. This typically includes avoiding drinking with a straw and sticking to a diet of cool soft foods for a specific length of time.

If you live in the area surrounding Omaha, Nebraska, and your child has started to experience wisdom tooth discomfort, you should call 402-317-5657 to schedule an appointment at Village Pointe Oral Surgery.