The Different Types of Bone Grafts

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Bone grafting treatments in Omaha, Nebraska, are beneficial for those who have suffered from bone loss because of periodontal disease or tooth loss, or they are beneficial for those who need to build up their bone structure to allow the placement of implants.

There are four different types of bone grafts available in the world today, and those are:

-Autogenous Bone Graft: This bone graft involves bone material being transplanted from one area of the patient’s body to another. This is the most ideal and beneficial type of bone graft because the bone is living tissue that enhances bone growth. This bone graft also has the best success rate.

-Allograft Bone Graft: This bone graft involves the use of bone material from another source, which is generally a human donor. To make sure this bone graft is successful, it will undergo many different treatment sequences, which will also ensure that it is safe for transplant.

-Xenograft Bone Graft: This bone graft involves the use of bovine bone, which is also known as cow bone. This is a popular treatment that makes it possible to avoid traumatic and expensive secondary surgery.

-Alloplast Bone Graft: This bone graft involves the use of synthetic bone, which is generally made up of hydroxyapatite and bioactive glass. This graft is frequently used because of its osteoconduction, hardness, and acceptability by bone.

There are also different types of bone grafting treatments, including Maxillary Sinus Lift, Socket Preservation, Guided Bone Regeneration, and Maxillary Sinus Augmentations. If you would like to know more about these treatments, talk to us about the best treatment for you, please call 402-317-5657 at your earliest convenience. We are more than happy to help you!