The Wisdom Teeth Problems that Make Extraction Necessary

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Unfortunately, wisdom teeth cause more harm than good, most of the time, which is why they are so often extracted. There are many situations when extraction is necessary, and our professional, Dr. Michael Shnayder, encourages you to visit Village Pointe Oral Surgery to find out if you are one who needs this treatment. In addition to the appointment, you can also look for symptoms of wisdom tooth problems yourself. Those are:

-A crowded mouth: The jaw can comfortably fit 28 teeth, but when the 32 permanent teeth grow into place, it can make the mouth a bit crowded. If the mouth is already crowded, it would be tough to fit four more big teeth. This makes extraction the best course of action.

-Gum pain: If you suffer gum pain and discomfort near the wisdom teeth, you might have an infection. This occurs when the wisdom teeth have partially erupted and bacteria get trapped in the area. At this point, extraction is necessary to prevent further infection.

-Crooked wisdom teeth: If the wisdom teeth grow in to place in a crooked or sideways manner, then your smile can reap the consequences. The wisdom teeth can affect the surrounding teeth by moving and shifting them over time, causing a crooked smile and encouraging dental problems. The wisdom teeth can also harm the surrounding teeth. So, extraction is best to save the other teeth in the mouth.

To learn more about the need for wisdom tooth extraction in Omaha, Nebraska, please contact our office at 402-317-5657 when you get the chance. Our team is happy to help you in any way we can, and we also encourage you to schedule an appointment if necessary. We look forward to helping you!