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Accidents and emergencies can happen to your mouth just like any other part of the body. While there will always be unpredictable situations, there are some things you can do to reduce the chances of oral injury and emergencies.

Contact sports or rugged recreational activities are one of the more common causes of teeth being knocked out. If you enjoy these kinds of activities, you might want to consider wearing a mouth guard. While some people don’t like retail-level mouth guards due to issues with comfort and breathing, your dentist can help you be fitted for a custom mouth guard.

Keep scissors handy and use them to cut string or open plastic packaging instead of using your teeth. Using your teeth can cause chips and minor fractures in your smile. This is especially true if you have dental veneers on your front teeth.

You should also avoid chewing hard objects like ice, partially popped popcorn and hard candy. Chewing on these things can cause extreme pressure to your teeth and can cause a fracture or crack.

Grinding your teeth, especially grinding them at night, can also cause fractures, cracks and other problems. If you grind your teeth frequently, you might want to consider getting a night guard.

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