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This procedure is almost as much of rite of passage as getting braces is. Wisdom teeth removal is a sign of growing up. But it’s often associated with quite a bit of pain and discomfort. Surgery will always end up with some sort of discomfort, but it’s made to be worse than it is in regards to wisdom teeth.

Today, we’re going to walk you through the wisdom teeth removal process. This will help level your expectations for your own removal surgery.

Do I need them out?
The first misconception to clear up is that not everyone will need to see a dentist for wisdom teeth removal. If they’re coming in impacted, or in a way that’ll ruin your teeth alignment, they have to come out. Dr. Michael Shnayder will work with your dentist to determine if you need yours out.

It’s not always four
A lot of people will try and one-up wisdom tooth stories by talking about how many they had removed. The reality is that you may not always need four of them removed. You might be able to keep some if they come in correctly, and you won’t always grow as many as others.

It’s not that painful
So long as you follow the directions of the team here at Village Pointe Oral Surgery in Omaha, Nebraska, the wisdom teeth removal recovery process isn’t as bad as everyone says. The key is to make sure to clean your wounds carefully. That eliminates infection possibility, which is the main cause of issues with wisdom teeth removal.

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