Your Child Might Need to Have an Impacted Wisdom Tooth Surgically Extracted

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As your child’s baby teeth are replaced by their full adult teeth, the wisdom teeth deep in the back of their mouth can start to develop and attempt to erupt from their gums. Unfortunately, there’s not always sufficient space available to accommodate these teeth. This can lead to overcrowding problems or it can even cause one or more teeth to become trapped or impacted. The strong pressure can gradually affect the roots of the rear molar. As time goes by, it could even result in total loss of an otherwise healthy molar or it could form a painful dental cyst.

To prevent these complications from impairing your son or daughter’s oral health, Dr. Michael Shnayder might recommend having any impacted wisdom teeth surgically extracted. This is usually done in late adolescence after their permanent teeth have all fully developed.

So long as they are sedated, this would also be a good time to extract any other wisdom teeth in their mouth. This will spare them the needless discomfort of two recovery periods while preventing future issues.

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