Multiple Extractions Might Be Necessary When Preparing for a Complete Denture

Chronic periodontal disease can gradually compromise the roots of multiple teeth in your mouth. In time, it could also cause a degradation of the healthy bone structure in your jaw. This can lead to the loss of multiple teeth and leave your existing teeth compromised. The first step in the process often calls for extracting your remaining teeth. Some people... read more »

Bone Graft Surgery Might Be Needed in Advance of a Dental Implant

Sometimes when a tooth is lost to periodontal disease, dental avulsion, or severe tooth decay, it also causes a depletion of bone structure. A situation like this could complicate the process of restoring the tooth with a dental implant. To address this issue in advance, Village Pointe Oral Surgery’s oral surgeons may need to perform a bone graft surgery at... read more »

Oral Bones Can Be Restored with a Bone Graft

The bones in your mouth are essential for anchoring your teeth into their sockets. They also play a critical role in dental restorations involving dental implants. In some cases, the bone structure is lost when a tooth is extracted or lost. To compensate for this, your dentist, Dr. Michael Shnayder, might recommend a bone graft. Your first consultation appointment involves... read more »

A Bone Graft Might Be Needed in the Course of Restorative Dentistry

Strong, healthy bone structure in your mouth promotes good oral health. It is critical for certain restorative dentistry treatments. When a tooth is lost, it is relatively common for it to take some of the surrounding bone tissue and structure with it. This might prohibit the restoration by a dental implant. In a case like this, your Village Pointe Oral... read more »

A Bone Graft Can Restore the Structure Needed to Install a Dental Implant

Tooth loss often results in bone loss. In many cases there can be so much missing structure that a dental implant can’t be securely anchored in place. In order to remedy this problem, Village Pointe Oral Surgery will need to install a bone graft into your jaw. At your initial consultation, one of our oral surgeons will examine your mouth... read more »

Insufficient Bone Structure

Strong and healthy bone structure is important in many different dental applications. A loss in bone structure from past tooth decay issues, gum disease or tooth extractions can cause your dentures to fit loosely or make it difficult to mount a dental implant. In a situation like this Village Pointe Oral Surgery might recommend that you have a bone graft... read more »

Insights on Bone Graft Surgery

Multiple extractions, injuries and advanced gum disease can result in a loss of material in the bones that anchor your teeth to your jaw. If you are interested in having a dental implant to replace a lost tooth your dentist might require a bone graft surgery performed in advance. The graft will insure that there is enough healthy bone to... read more »

Preparation and Aftercare Tips for Recovering from Multiple Tooth Extraction

Injuries and advanced tooth decay can sometimes damage multiple teeth. Advance gum disease might compromise the integrity of several teeth which may require a partial or dentures in order to give you back the full function of your mouth. In these cases your dental professional will most likely suggest you have a multiple extraction procedure. Be sure to tell the... read more »